cdbs-webbuttonClarence Dental Centre is pleased to bulk bill treatment under Medicare’s Child Dental Benefits.   Eligible children aged 2-17 years will receive treatment at no out of pocket expense, up to Medicare’s $1000 cap over 2 years on items covered under this scheme.  Benefits cover a range of services including examinations, x-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings, root canal treatment and extractions.  Please refer to Medicare to confirm your child’s eligibility under this scheme and for further information on CDBS.

Introducing your child to dental visits early is the best way to help maintain good oral health throughout their life. It provides an opportunity for you and your child to be guided in proper brushing techniques as well as fostering a lifetime of good dental habits.

Going to see the dentist needn’t be scary. This message starts at home, where parents and grandparents can present positive messages to little ones about going to the dentist.

At Clarence Dental Centre, we enjoy treating children of all ages. We have a genuine desire to provide children with the best possible dental experience.

Nitrous Oxide (or happy gas) sedation is available for all patients, and is particularly helpful when treating children who may be anxious or unsettled.


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